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Identify, Secure, and Protect

An increasing number of software applications are using the Internet to communicate, store, and share business and personal information, some of which can be sensitive such as confidential business data or personally identifiable information.

As a result, cyber threats are on the rise.

Data security is the process of identifying, securing, and protecting applications and data against cyber attacks, data breaches, espionage, and fraud.

Data security involves more than simply encrypting passwords and credit card numbers, restricting access to network resources, or following a rule book of security compliance procedures.

Effective data security requires a thorough understanding of the sensitive data, how the applications interact with that data, the personnel who develop and manage those applications, and the individuals who use the applications and data.

An Insider's Approach to Tackling Data Breaches

A critical variable in the data security equation is the threat posed by insiders. Recent studies and surveys have shown that insiders are the leading cause of data breaches.

No one is immune from data breaches caused by insiders. It can happen to any organization, even the ones who have been subjected to rigorous security protocols such as those required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

A data breach by an insider can be unintentional, intentional, or malicious. It can happen anytime. And it can remain undetected for years with the potential of causing great financial losses and ruining the organization's reputation and brand name.

Micronite brings a unique perspective of the insider to help you solve the data security equation.

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