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Enabling the Next Generation of Shipping Applications

CortexShip is a comprehensive set of extensible Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Web Services that allows you to develop the next generation of shipping applications for any shipping carrier or postal authority in the world.

CortexShip is designed around Micronite's Universal Shipping Architecture, standardized data structures and core software components that provide the functionality common to any shipping operation. With CortexShip, it is easy to implement carrier-specific rate charts, barcodes, and labels whether you are a shipping consolidator in Rome, Italy or a systems integrator in Rome, New York.

CortexShip is the foundation of the software building blocks Micronite is creating for the global shipping and logistics industry. It is built upon the CORTEX Framework, a scalable, extensible, and secure software platform for processing online transactions.

  • Shippers and Mailers who want to use shipping services provided by national, regional and local shipping carriers.
  • Regional and Local Shipping Carriers who want to effectively compete with shipping services provided by national shipping carriers.
  • Shipping Consolidators who want to extend their reach into national and international markets.
  • Postal Authorities worldwide who want to harness the power of the internet and expand their online service offerings.
  • Developers and Systems Integrators who want to add shipping capabilities to their eCommerce software applications.
  • Rates
    Calculate shipping rates including any fees, discounts and surcharges based on carrier-specific rules.
  • Barcodes
    Design and generate carrier-compliant barcodes with unique tracking numbers in PNG, GIF, JPEG, and ZPL II formats.
  • Forms
    Design and create carrier-compliant forms such as shipping labels and multi-part shipping documents in PNG, GIF, JPEG, and ZPL II formats.
  • Multi-user
    Allow multiple users to share the same customer account and process shipping transactions.
  • Accounting
    Customize the General Ledger and subledgers to support the financial accounting model of any shipping carrier.
  • Concurrent
    Allows thousands of users to simultaneously process shipping transactions.
  • Scalable
    Allows seamless growth from a single user processing 50 shipments per day to multiple users spread across many locations processing over 1,000 shipments per minute!
  • Extensible
    Universal Shipping Architecture makes it easy to add support for package delivery services offered by any shipping carrier or international postal authority.
  • Open API
    Promotes software interoperability, encourages innovation, and ensures that the customer is not locked into any proprietary API.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard or Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 or above
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or above
  • PC with a CPU clock speed of 3.0 GHz or higher
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 MB of available disk space (additional space required for database files)
  • Internet connection
The First Successful Implementation of CortexShip
USPS Electronic Verification System (eVS)

The Electronic Verification System, or eVS, is a paperless system offered by the United States Postal Service that allows shippers and consolidators to document and pay postage and fees by using electronic manifest files.

eVS requires the use of the Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb), part of USPS's new Intelligent Mail suite of barcodes for tracking shipments.

The implementation of CortexShip for eVS conforms to the specifications provided by USPS in Publication 205, Electronic Verification System (eVS) Business and Technical Guide, and Publication 199, Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) Implementation Guide for Confirmation Services and Electronic Verification System (eVS) Mailers.

CortexShip is approved by the United States Postal Service as an eVS Pre-Certified Software. USPS has also designated CortexShip as an IMpb Certified Solution.

  • Bound Printed Matter
  • First-Class Mail
  • First-Class Package Service
  • Library Mail
  • Media Mail
  • Parcel Select
  • Parcel Select Lightweight
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Open and Distribute
  • Priority Mail Express
  • Priority Mail Express Open and Distribute
  • Standard Mail
  • Standard Post
  • Airmail
  • Commercial ePacket
  • First-Class Mail International
  • First-Class Package International Service
  • Global Express Guaranteed
  • International Priority Airmail
  • International Surface AirLift
  • Priority Mail Express International
  • Priority Mail International
  • Adult Signature Required
  • Adult Signature Restricted Delivery
  • Certified Mail
  • Collect on Delivery
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Delivery Confirmation International
  • Hold for Pickup
  • Insurance
  • Registered Mail
  • Restricted Delivery
  • Return Receipt
  • Return Receipt Electronic
  • Return Receipt For Merchandise
  • Signature Confirmation
  • Signature Service
  • Special Handling
  • USPS Tracking
  • Retail
  • Meter
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Base
  • Commercial Plus
  • Nonprofit
  • Negotiated Service Agreements
  • Intelligent Mail package barcode
  • Mailer ID: 6-digit or 9-digit
  • Serial Number: 7, 10, 11, or 14 digits
  • Barcode Constructs: Commercial C01-C10
  • Intelligent Mail barcode
  • Mailer ID: 6-digit or 9-digit
  • Serial Number: 6 or 9 digits
  • Universal Postal Union standard
  • Serial Number: 8 digits
  • Domestic shipping labels
  • International shipping labels with integrated Customs Forms 2976 and 2976-A