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Let Our Brains Work On Your Projects

Do you have a complex business process that requires a customized software solution?

Do you want to replace an existing software system that has outgrown the needs of your business?

Maybe you already have an idea for a new software technology and want to transform it into a tangible, working product?

Micronite can help you achieve your objectives by using our vast experience in simplifying complex processes into pragmatic solutions, modernizing outdated software applications, and turning ideas into leading-edge technology products.

For almost three decades, our Professional Services Division has been called upon by its customers from different industries to architect, design, and develop software solutions encompassing a wide array of technologies.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you build the technology solution that best suits your needs.

Our Accomplishments

Over the years, Micronite's Professional Services Division has continued its commitment to delivering technical expertise and world class service at every phase of the software development life cycle. Here is a list of our notable projects:

  • E-Stamp Internet Postage
  • Elo TouchSystems MonitorMice Control Panel
  • Endicia Label Server Web Service
  • Endicia PictureItPostage Designer for Windows
  • First Boston's Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools
  • From Alice to Ocean Interactive CD-ROM
  • IBM/State of California's Vital Records Improvement Project (VRIP)
  • Informix 4-GL
  • La Poste MonTimbrenLigne
  • Lotus Approach Database for OS/2
  • Silicon Spice's Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • U.S. Army's Land Warrior System